Sometimes I walk among the living dead
And I die a thousand lives
And when I come back to life
I talk to them and I laugh with them
And I love them and I fall in love with them
And when I turn back to see
I see all these faces
Of people that I do not know
And I don’t know their stories
Yet they have told me everything
And I heard
But I do not know them
They are strangers
And then there is myself
The strangest of them all
For they have seen me
And never loved me
And never fallen in love
And I am a wisp they all love
I am a stranger whom I do not know about

Music In The Back!


Tennessee Williams wrote in his famous play The Glass Menagerie, that in memory everything seems to happen to music. And he is right. It does. There in the realm of memory…music takes a toll.

It is the music in the back. To which surprisingly we dance and move and sway. No matter what is happening good or bad..there is always, some music…good or bad.

There is the pluck of strings..and the beat of the drum and the soft tune of the piano..or the flute or the harp or the bass.

Memory is all to music. And life has music in the back.