You and Me


Left in the abyss, parched on the top

You and me, me and you

I find in you, what you find in you

I find in me, what no one does

You see in colors what i seek in colors

I seek in me what no one does

You hear in the storm, the beauty of the wrath, i

hear in the storm the wrath of the beauty

I hear in me, what no one does

You seek in you, the inner you

I seek in you, you

I seek in me, what no one does

You seek in me, so you find in me

So you hear in me, so you see in me

Naught else but You

Music of Oblivion


2011-april-autumn-leaves1Drag the dead leaves within, around

Today when the Hermit goes to work

Faces the music of oblivion

Sets the existence on fire

Breaches chaos


Carries the dead leaves within, around

Falls into a chasm…of clay

And out comes dust

And a new world thus made

Of dead leaves, clay and fire

The Hermit goes to slumber

When wakes, sees a world of nothingness

Therein dwell his two souls, the one asleep and the one in a dream

Along with dead leaves.



It was a teardrop away they said, forgiveness was

Had they seen it?

It was a second away they said, death was

Had they heard it?

It was miles away they said, happiness was

Had they felt it?

It was glories away they said, dreams were

Did they touch any?

I sat and i pondered.

It was a fragrance. Of lifeless particles in the air

They never said, forgot.

I smelt it.

No. 265


The tunnel–is a tunnel; the same for the train

The same for the the person hiding from the rain

A shore is a shore;  the same for the sea

And the same for the ship which has to be.

And time is time; for the one who is still

And the one who stares deep.

 Death is all around us

The living and the gone

The Riders and the Sea

Death is all around us

Life isn’t so much so.

The difference is the same; same for the stones

And same for the skin and bones.

What do we know and what do we care

The questions will be questions; for the answers

Answers all feared.

We never stop–and we never begin

SO what is the difference

And what do we care.

It will go on and on and on

Even if it stops–what will be the difference

Between what is and what isn’t.

For the world is the world; the same for the strong

And those who do not dare.time

Disperse Into Whispers


Humans hold no sanctity over others like them. In each picture that goes undeveloped–humans hold sanctity over themselves. And to themselves they are God.
We- are people who have been brewing venom. And we-are people who have been brewed in the poison of others. The chalices that hold us. Bind us. Yet kill us. And so, we kill each other. With our poison.
Of this. There is no escape.
Humans. Atoms held together in a most unlikely and strange, magical way-want escape.
Held in captivity we try hard to find the key which is to us the elixir. No we don’t pretend. We just try. In this search we get lost in the vacuum. Ah. Good old vacuum. Always there. Always helping?
We huddle in a room. Together and apart from each. Trying to break free. We use words. They don’t help. So we linger. But till when?
We want escape.
To run free. To march in a band. To fly. To run. Be away. From each other. To go ten thousand miles beyond the green.
We never do. Instead we stay huddled. In the same room. And we use the same words. And nothing changes. The same tunes keep playing in the background. Carrying different meaning each time.
We never realize..and we never did–how weary we have become of these charades. We blame each other. Each of us are right.
Then we want to escape. And all in different directions. Never to recoil.
It will be the utter death of everything. A grand escape.

* * *

The atoms thus held are all in movement. When movement happens..strange things happen. The cells are in catastrophe. The truth. Yes it is the delusion. One by one–each atom, each cell, each particle gets uncoiled-uncoil. It starts to break away. To move apart. The skin. The muscle. The tissue. Everything. Breaks free. Everything disperses into a cloud. It all disperses into whispers. There is so much noise. So many whispers. So many secrets. So many sounds.

The Grand Escape.

* * *

“I didn’t go to the moon, I went much further—for time is the longest distance between two places. ” The Glass Menagerie

The Birds Grew Wings



There was no denying–that the merciless cage only,

Prevented the Birds from soaring up high

Following their rush, up in the sky-which they love.

There was no denying. There never is.

There was no shame–when the cruel master,

Had taken the wings…taken them away

There was no shame.

There was no pain, when the Birds would sing

Not in melancholy, but in vain

Not in forgetfulness but in ignorance

Of the bliss in flight.

There was no pain. There always is.

There was no wonder–that what would happen

If the Birds grew back their wings

Would there be rebellion?

Would there be flight?

Would there be a reason?

Would they remember?

There was no guilt….

The day of the storm–when the wind blew down the cage

When the drapes kept swaying

And the bizarre light kept flashing

When the Birds lay forgotten

There was an escape.

A flutter, a hop, a swing and a flitter

And a swoosh….

The Birds Grew Wings

There was no their flight.

There was no pride.

There was no remorse. There always is.

* * *

The Birds soon discovered–their wings,

Had always been with them.

They had just been forgetful,

Of wings and flight and the sky

They blamed it on the Man.

There was so much anger. There always is.

* * *

The Birds flew in a sequence.

Midnight Smoke


The hour of the moon comes. The strangeness of the empty day and empty routine settles. The roads and streets become partially deserted. The only noise is that of stray dogs in cold corners of the wet streets. The only other noise is that of the birth of a life after midnight. The songs and the lights and the drinks and the adventures of copulation. Soon the rancid odors will fill the air. The heaviness of the music will lift the dark. And all will be forgotten. Movement will take the midnight.

Thus comes the hour of the moon and what follows after.

Beyond the greys of the sleeping buildings, outside a small shabby parlor with no roof–no doors and no windows–are gathered a bunch of hooligans. Yes, hooligans for the sane! Playing a sombre tune and two. Now three and now fourth.

Nothing fancy. And everything fancy.

And soon. There comes a shadow. Walking towards them. But they play. Unawares. Around them are the insane–drinking cheap drinks and having a go of cheap cigarettes. A cheap show indeed.

Nothing fancy.

So the shadow moves closer. Closer. There is a noise of the clunking of heels. The first sound of something rich. And the rancid air is suddenly filled with the rich scent of an exquisite odeur. The shadow is a figure. The figure is a person. A woman. Red amongst the dead grey.

The music stops. Heads are turned. There stands glory. There stands grandeur. An emblem of respect. The royalty. Blue blood in all its bloom…. Forgotten the way perhaps, of the mighty rich clubhouse down the lane.

The music starts again. The cheap drinks get passed around. 

The red against the grey. Nothing cheap. Everything fancy.

She sits. She stares. She listens. The midnight. The stray dog whines. Eyes stare at her.

Cigarettes get passed. She takes one. Lights it. The cheapest of all. Inhales. And lets out the smoke of all the richness. Now mixed with the cheap air. Lets out all that is crass. Lets out glory. Lets out all the years of encapsulation, power and delicacy. The fine red silk against the rusty grey. No more.

There is smoke. Common smoke. She dances. No one stares at her anymore. They all dance.

Nothing cheap. Everything fancy.

Thus the midnight smoke comes to an end.

Far away in the parlor, with no roof, no doors and no windows–comes the sound of saxophones and guitars and pianos and tenors and drums….it fills the air. Along with the smoke.

“Midnight comes and out come the dead for a smoke–so they may live again–with those who are dead”