The place between nature and humanity is serenity. It is that bridge where if we stand in bliss which is known as silence–we will feel the heartbeat of Earth. It is that crossroads which does not ask to be traveled..but just begs for stillness. And we often ignore the pleads. That is why we do not know that such a place even exists, where blue is a blur and green is a cloud. This place is where we find ourselves. Outside we find earthbound things. Then they fly past us. But we never hear silence talk



Let’s discover Time together. See what happens. How it does so.

Your wrinkled face will tell you that the person you see in the mirror is not you. Is it really you?

Let’s shine together. In our dullness, let’s just shine.

Copper. Just copper.

Let’s see everyone else fly high while we stand below. Shooting them down?

No. Lets build wings. From scratch.

Let’s dig for diamonds.

Wade through the triumph-the sea-the delusion.

Copper. Is it?

What is this music that goes about? While i watch everyone dance!

Let’s get away from here. Run. Hide. Up. Far. Below. Lost. Vanish.


Clink our glasses to a toast. Smile. Laugh. Talk. Lie.




Dear Fragments of Such and Such.

It is often unbelievable isn’t it. You are fragments of such and such–and I am a small fragment of life. But then it is bewildering because life itself is a fragment of something bigger.

We are all fragments. All broken away. All scattered. Humans, all of them are pieces of a mirror. A huge mirror–broken and scattered. We all have to find each other. Make a connection. Bond. And become a whole again. But is it possible? You tell me– O Fragments of Such and Such.

For instance, Time is a fragment of a higher order. How solitary that is. It is called *Father Time* yet is is a small part of nature.

So by and by–we all revolve  around each other, we are all fragments. We are fragments which revolve around other fragments–hoping to catch attention. Hoping to bond. Hoping. Is hope a fragment too?

Fragments of Such and Such–maybe we have come across somewhere. Who knows. But there will be a day when all of us, fragments and all, will combine together, either for destruction or maybe for construction.

Till then,

Fragmentally Yours



Man has nowhere to go. he is of the earth they say,

But the earth is never his.

He kills and he is killed–he is not safe

Nature bestows but it also takes

Man has nowhere to be

He has developed wings, so he may take charge of the sky

But the sky is just as malevolent–it takes charge of man.

Man has nowhere to hide

He can swim like a fish, in waters deep and freshBut the water devours him

It just makes him bones rot

Man has nowhere to hide

He gets warmth from the fire–which burns him up

It leaves no flesh nor bone

It preys on his blood

Man has nowhere to go

Man has nowhere to hide

Man is the king yet killed like a pest

Man is nowhere safe

The World Bleeds


William Shakespeare made a point in Macbeth–the play that unnatural acts breed unnatural results. And that is exactly what is happening in our world, we think we cherish.

Look around you. What do you see? A life full of disasters and a world filled with human garbage. When God decided to create the world, the angels asked Him, why? For humans will destroy it–and were they wrong? Nay.

God said, there are somethings i know and understand better. I only ask, to get a small part if this understanding. Because humans are, i think, God’s worst creation.

Look around you. What do you see?

A world that bleeds.

And why does it bleed?  Because we as humans stab it again and again. and when we are done, we stab it some more.

So humans are God’s worst creation? Pardon the hostility but yes. Less good is ever done by us, than evil deeds. We seek the unnatural ways because that is what we are good at.

Why are humans, the way they are. Because their minds have corrupted over millenniums. The minds has been polluted. It reeks.

Look around you. What do you see?

A world that bleeds. We have nourished it with blood, smoke, grease and crime.

It cries–the world does. But we can not hear because we have become so loud. It is suffocated in our breath. It dies everyday.

Verily the earth bleeds.

Look around you.

What do you see?

A Giant Ball….


This world is a giant ball. Of people and things. And garbage. A heap of feelings that turn a person into a pile of garbage.

It is a giant ball, that rolls and rolls and as it does, it gathers more garbage and feelings and things. They all get stuck to it. They all get stuck.

They don’t let go.

So it is a giant pile, a giant ball of so many things that mean something and they mean nothing. It is all a pretext. But not forgetfullness.

It is a rolling mass. Of so many troubles. And so many dreams and fantasies. It is a rolling ball of dirt and in this dirt we sleep.

We don’t have any way of escape, we can’t go anywhere.

So we become spectators. And we cheer and gleam and stand up because it is afterall a giant ball..of so many things.  Our giant ball--us

Raven, Eagle, Horse and Whale


There is a world out there. A huge division..with people in it..a part of it. And birds and animals…and sun and stars and there is the moon. Green grass and blue skies..which change colour. And rain!!

And there is fantasy … but it is perfect.

And in the world there are cars and buildings and food..and lights. And murder and bloodshed..and riots and heartbreak.

Then there are airplanes and ships and fish.

And poets and artists and actors and singers and dancers.

And then teachers and students and lawyers and politicians and business people..Also there are homeless people too.

Sounds and music.

Th Raven was flying high above…and he asked the Eagle, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Eagle answered, “Because it is all real!”.

So the Raven flew lower and asked the Horse, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Horse said, “So the world won’t be empty.”.

But the Raven flew close to the waters and asked the Whale, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Whale thought about it and said, “It exists because it has to.”.

Then the Raven went back to its home….and said to himself, “But i do not understand what is real. And i am still alone. And what did the Whale mean?”

But the Raven never found the answers. Never understood what was real. Never got what the Whale said. And alone he died.

As it was happening..far away somewhere I was imagining about a Raven which talked to the Eagle and the Horse and the Whale!