Dust Storm


It was just broken glass– so what if there was pain
What does it matter– it is all sand in a palm
So it is all clouds in the mind
Fog in the eyes
Shadows in the dust storm
Stillness in solitudes
Cracks in the soul
Cracks in the glass–it was just a broken glass
So silence..hush!



Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home


There was this storm, i knew was brewing up

I knew

There was this anger, i knew would be unleashed

I knew

There was this journey i knew i  have to take

I knew…

Didn’t you know it was far far away?

Didn’t you?

Was there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

I never knew

Why didn’t you stop me!

I never knew

Hark–the storm is coming!

And me…the journey set there

Or did it stop?

I never knew

Look the storm is here

And another one

And another one

So what is one more?

And thunder and lightening

The storm is here and…

Yes! I am a long way from home

So why didn’t you stop me?