Dust Storm


It was just broken glass– so what if there was pain
What does it matter– it is all sand in a palm
So it is all clouds in the mind
Fog in the eyes
Shadows in the dust storm
Stillness in solitudes
Cracks in the soul
Cracks in the glass–it was just a broken glass
So silence..hush!


Forever Lost


Have you ever had a walk…….alone. On a never ending road…Even in your imagination?

I have…many times. With just me by my side.

And so as i walk, there is a cascade…of mostly feelings, from the eyes.

Mostly the wind hits the face many times….as if slapping you and telling you how lonely you are, always were..and maybe, always will be.

Its an empty road, but even in the emptiness, there are memories.

Memories can be tough on some one who does not know how to deal with them.

You get to know that your life has a lot of loops and it is all tangled. And you are the only one to make it right.

Listening to the world go by is not very easy for some one who does not want to let it go.

You remain silent, because there isn’t anything to say.

You know you are being followed, by your shadow…and you know you will take it nowhere, after all its you shadow and shadows follow where ever we take them.

And you want to reach the horizon, but you still have a long way to go. And you are tired, you want to sit somewhere, but there is no place to sit. So you just stand there for hours, not knowing what to do.

Your pupil will stare in a trance, because that is all there is to it. that is all you can do.

It is just a long road..a stretched out long road.

And its then, that you forget what you came looking for, because you know you were finding something..but what?

You don’t know the answer. And many cars pass you by…but you are walking.

You are tired but you must go on.

And whats ironic is that you don’t even remember why.

You have no one to talk to, except yourself.  And that drives you crazy.

Suddenly you realize that you are lost.Because you don’t know where you are going to and you don’t remember where you came from.

Because you left it far behind. 

You are in the middle of nowhere.

And you are helpless. So you sit down at the side of the road, and recall everything.

Tears gush out of your eyes..and that music in you ears isn’t  magical anymore. But its still there.

No you are not crazy, you just wanted to find…something that you don’t remember anymore.

You are just sitting there, while the people in the cars stop at you and look at you with pity. But you don’t know the faces at all.

You realize how triumphant it all is. It seems that you have been going on for infinity.

Then realization hits you…you have always been lost.

You never knew where you were going to. And you had forgotten a long while where you came from.

So you just sit there….realizing …..for a long time.

That is when it all becomes clear. In your head and in your heart.

So you get back on your feet..and start moving…

You know..that you were always lost. You are lost right now..and you must keep moving till you get somewhere.

Or till you figure it all out. Or till you remember. Because you know, that the road does lead somewhere..

So you keep following it, while your shadow follows you..and the music is still there….

You know…that you are Forever Lost.

And you must keep going so you can figure out why.

Till that time comes…You remain..FOREVER LOST!