The oppressed mind–makes the eyes stare in the dark

Every one and no one was to rejoice

In past memories and future shadows

An inkling–

The past has faces while the present has emotions

But the eyes constantly stare

A tune, a song, what is it!?

Which plays in the hollow of the naked dark day

The tired body–makes the soul dream

Of freedom–from the shakles

Each and all were to part–

You took that road which I was not allowed to take

I took that path which you could not find

The eyes, constantly gape

In the glistening bright night–none stirred

Each toiled!

And the eyes….they stared, in the space, deep into infinity

Then, the soul was free, so it was lost

The body–was dead and so it was born again!

Me?? An escapist!


I some times do not like the world. And i consider it normal behaviour. Don’t you? I mean who would be all happy, all perfect all the time to like something which keeps changing. And that change you don’t always like.

I am an escapist. My escape route..??? More than one.

In a cloudland i am mostly found. Because well ….i mostly hate many thing around me. Hey it is not my fault things are that way. >_<

Drifting along the universe…going on with the flow.

I am an escapist.

In the end….you just escape…into a realm of infinity.