This life and the people we come across, the seasons, the colors, the whispers and the silence. Everything and nothing.

The kite that soars in the sky and the eagle which flies after it. The smoke. The green and the blue and the red. The yellow. And the shade.

The wind. The sand. Everything and nothing.

We are all, and everyone of us, the hard and the soft.

The leaves and the rose. The fire and the ice. The path that we follow.

The music and the tune. The stars and the moon. The sun.

Everything and nothing is under a warm spell.



Inside It All Feels The Same.


Man is at war, but this war is with himself. He is at war with himself. We are all at war.

Its not easy to be what we are. We have to keep up with our emotions. Inwards and outwards.

Its like a vortex inside, outside..it just feels nice.

Outside, is happy, because you have to put up with it.

Outside, is all about showing.

Outside, is horrible, yet pretty.

Outside..you are happy. So you show it. You put on a smile and act all nice.

Outside, you are sad. So you show it. You put up a face that everyone resents.

Outside, you are lonely. So you act it. You do not talk to anyone. You do not meet anyone.

Outside, you are helpless. So it shows on your face.

Outside, you are in love. So people can see it.

Outside, you are rock solid. So yes, everyone feels it.

Outside, you feel silly. So you act silly too.

Outside, you are in a good mood. So you can make everyone happy.

Outside, you are angry. So you take it out on people. You make them unhappy.

Outside, you are unhappy. So you might make people angry.

Outside, you feel empty. You you look empty.

Outside, you cry. It shows. It just shows.

Outside, are things in your body that can give everyone a hunch.

Outside, you can feel differently.You can feel many things at one time.

Outside, you feel any thing, so people can feel it.

Inside…its just you.

Inside its just you who knows.

Inside its just you who feels.

Inside, if its sad…then you are the only one who knows.

Inside, if its happy..then you are the only one who knows.

Inside, if its dark..only you know.

Inside, if its bright..only you can see.

Inside, if its lonely..its just you who are there.

Inside, if you cry..no one can see.

Inside, its just you.

Inside, it all feels the same.

Its a vortex inside.

Its confusion.

Its all confusion.

That’s why…..Inside. , it all feels the same.

Outside, now that’s just different.