Never is always
Always, never
Sorrows are fading
Fading, never
Memories are overpowering
Overpowering, never
Love is begotten
Begotten, never
Fear is forgotten
Forgotten, never
Life is death
Death, never
Happiness is love
Love, never
Never is always
Always, never


Burning Castles, Flying Mountains



Where do mountains fly to? And why do castles end up being burned? Questions which no one asks and no one has any answers of. Why do we build up so many questions inside our thick walls of reasons? Where do these questions come from? Why cant we answer them?

This is no story, rather this is an enigma–a puzzle which opens up to more puzzles and more of them. Do we know where we are heading towards and why and what pulls us? Who walks along with us and why don’t they stop? What do we call the millions of dead dreams that we have to carry on our shoulders? Where do we bury them and why cant we forget them?

What is the meaning—the meaning of having so many stars shining up in the night sky while so many dead burning castles in the utter daylight glare at the slowly turning world. Why are we given and bestowed presents and why are they swiftly taken away from us? The music we can hear…and create and fall prey to–where does it come from and why does it come from there?

Who are all the people we meet everyday and smile at and then they smile back so we make small talk and soon they turn into larger than life conversations–all to end up nowhere-because nowhere is as good a place to be. But who are the people and why do they surround us and why do they smile when they can not even recall the last time they had a good laugh? Who are those ghosts in the photographs that we see every time we look at our pictures—just happy, pretending and staring right back at us as if mocking us for being out their alive—but dead. Ghosts mocking at us for being dead.

SO who set the castles on fire? Why did the mountains take flight?

Words, words and more words. Meaningless and fickle and so powerful yet so fragile and so loathsome. Words. My enemies and my friends. Dreams, my bane and my sanity. Happiness–why wisdom. Wisdom–my quest. There is water, but no one is putting the fire out. The fire which burns the castles. How can they?

So here we are, still stuck at questions and still asking around if this is the right way or which is the right way, seldom bothered about why this is the right way…or why this is any way at all for that matter. And here we are, shell shocked because we know there is a way. There always is and we can never see our way around it. This way; o heaven and to hell, to betterment and to the worst of our fallacies, to music and to shade, to light and to dark….so many ways. Yet no shelter and no cure and no where to actually be.

I set the castles on fire. I made  the mountains fly..because no one else would. So the mountains fly and from wayy up in the sky they see the castles being burned down to ash and dust so that it will, travel with the wind towards the mountains and become them. And when they do, they will whisper to each other how there was no way but all there was—was fire and dust and someone who finally let them go. For all they held were empty secrets that no one bothered looking for.

Castles on fire, flying mountains—together we all catch the final breath.

Thus the world turned purple.



The Grand Illusion


We–are all, everyone of us, a part of this grand deception. This great illusion. The illusion being that we are not alone. We may have many people by our side. We may have a family. And a million friends. And we may be perfectly bonded and in tune with the nature. But, we are all alone. Each and every one of us. We are all fragile. And we all have this need to grow apart from everything and everyone. This need is the reality. And when we do move apart from the millions of faces and the thousand and one voices—we linger on quietly in a world that is created for the lonely. We sit there and stare and ponder. We are meant to be alone.

This is the grand illusion–crowds.

And so—we hear music.

Music In The Back!


Tennessee Williams wrote in his famous play The Glass Menagerie, that in memory everything seems to happen to music. And he is right. It does. There in the realm of memory…music takes a toll.

It is the music in the back. To which surprisingly we dance and move and sway. No matter what is happening good or bad..there is always, some music…good or bad.

There is the pluck of strings..and the beat of the drum and the soft tune of the piano..or the flute or the harp or the bass.

Memory is all to music. And life has music in the back.


Forever Lost


Have you ever had a walk…….alone. On a never ending road…Even in your imagination?

I have…many times. With just me by my side.

And so as i walk, there is a cascade…of mostly feelings, from the eyes.

Mostly the wind hits the face many times….as if slapping you and telling you how lonely you are, always were..and maybe, always will be.

Its an empty road, but even in the emptiness, there are memories.

Memories can be tough on some one who does not know how to deal with them.

You get to know that your life has a lot of loops and it is all tangled. And you are the only one to make it right.

Listening to the world go by is not very easy for some one who does not want to let it go.

You remain silent, because there isn’t anything to say.

You know you are being followed, by your shadow…and you know you will take it nowhere, after all its you shadow and shadows follow where ever we take them.

And you want to reach the horizon, but you still have a long way to go. And you are tired, you want to sit somewhere, but there is no place to sit. So you just stand there for hours, not knowing what to do.

Your pupil will stare in a trance, because that is all there is to it. that is all you can do.

It is just a long road..a stretched out long road.

And its then, that you forget what you came looking for, because you know you were finding something..but what?

You don’t know the answer. And many cars pass you by…but you are walking.

You are tired but you must go on.

And whats ironic is that you don’t even remember why.

You have no one to talk to, except yourself.  And that drives you crazy.

Suddenly you realize that you are lost.Because you don’t know where you are going to and you don’t remember where you came from.

Because you left it far behind. 

You are in the middle of nowhere.

And you are helpless. So you sit down at the side of the road, and recall everything.

Tears gush out of your eyes..and that music in you ears isn’t  magical anymore. But its still there.

No you are not crazy, you just wanted to find…something that you don’t remember anymore.

You are just sitting there, while the people in the cars stop at you and look at you with pity. But you don’t know the faces at all.

You realize how triumphant it all is. It seems that you have been going on for infinity.

Then realization hits you…you have always been lost.

You never knew where you were going to. And you had forgotten a long while where you came from.

So you just sit there….realizing …..for a long time.

That is when it all becomes clear. In your head and in your heart.

So you get back on your feet..and start moving…

You know..that you were always lost. You are lost right now..and you must keep moving till you get somewhere.

Or till you figure it all out. Or till you remember. Because you know, that the road does lead somewhere..

So you keep following it, while your shadow follows you..and the music is still there….

You know…that you are Forever Lost.

And you must keep going so you can figure out why.

Till that time comes…You remain..FOREVER LOST!