Sometimes I walk among the living dead
And I die a thousand lives
And when I come back to life
I talk to them and I laugh with them
And I love them and I fall in love with them
And when I turn back to see
I see all these faces
Of people that I do not know
And I don’t know their stories
Yet they have told me everything
And I heard
But I do not know them
They are strangers
And then there is myself
The strangest of them all
For they have seen me
And never loved me
And never fallen in love
And I am a wisp they all love
I am a stranger whom I do not know about


Never is always
Always, never
Sorrows are fading
Fading, never
Memories are overpowering
Overpowering, never
Love is begotten
Begotten, never
Fear is forgotten
Forgotten, never
Life is death
Death, never
Happiness is love
Love, never
Never is always
Always, never



“Look out for the summer within the weather with the autumn-y eyes the cloudy mind and those winter laden eyes which have seen the Monsoon rains shower or perhaps that heart made from the Hurricane which swipes away the land and leave behind a spring–of rosy lush with green brazen hills which look like the rustic evening of a day which is draped with ornaments from the night. Yes you! You with summer foreclosed and winter foretold and with the winds of change. the unconquerable ones. Shadows and fog like dances of the wolves, the Summer would cease and alive shall you be. Yes, you!”



The ruins of the colorful day, lay barren on the silted sea
Shackled in all the stories–we all tend to leave
One by one, dot by dot
As if it all were free
The dances with the storm and the placid glee
One by one and dot by dot–we all began to flee
The stories we lived and the faces we wore
Facades we dealt with–the farcical attempt to be free
Thinking about the ocean floor and how much was the sea deep
Or how often did the blackbird come, to the love famished tree!
The cloudy sky below which, sparked the days of lust
Of which were a thousands of them–long forgotten glories
And riches which were buried long before the Sun showed itself,
The first and last time to the Moon.
Thus the ruins of a colorful day and all the stories we lived
Came to an ending, much of it already seen

Dipatches from Living


What do you know about living–
The man who died a thousand suns ago
The dancing and the grinning
The lights of the dreamy, dreary shows
The illusions in the darkness,
The light within the foes
What do you know of living–
The dead man from ages ago
Smiling and jeering
Coughing and sneering
The drinks and the drugs
Drinking the wine of shadows
Eating the fruit of deceit
The lustful faces of ghosts
The greedy turfs of the libels
The man who knew of living–
Yes, he died long ago

Of radom ramblings…like all random ramblings..


I am hungry and lazy right now. My eyes are red..not because i got baked, but because of the sun..and i do not have any sun-gear!

I watched television ll day. Can you believe how lazy i could have been ..there was nothing to watch..and most of the things i watched..i watched them on repeat..TWICE! But i still watched them all..After all no guts no glory!

I do not know why i wrote that..probably i wanted to give myself a boost for my righteous nothingness.

Soon my head would hurt.

I also ate a lot today and why shouldn’t i? After all i did nothing illegal. Although with each bite i did worry that i am getting fat..but bleh wth you don’t get fat every day do you?

I constantly kept logging in and out from Facebook. Because God knows why.

I might have something to do..i would love to go check, but i don’t want to move. It is 36 degree hot here and i don’t want to imagine what might happen once it will cross 45 degs.

I want to find work.

I want to workout. In fact each day i promise my self that i would. But i don’t. Slap me if you can.

I hope someone (actually the whole world) reads this. I shall become known.