It’s like the days are not even days any more.
Night isn’t night anymore.
I am not even who I was anymore.
The sky has turned into ash, it isn’t blue anymore
The moon is a black dot, it isn’t the moon anymore
The sea has turned into soot, it isn’t it anymore
The tree upon which I gazed outside
It is not standing there anymore…perhaps it travelled north or towards a dusty gloom
I don’t know anymore
There is so much dark now, I don’t want the light anymore
I loved someone once
I don’t love anymore

The Moon Is Down.


Some say that the moon is for the lonesome to talk to. But the truth is, that the moon can not help.

You would talk to it, but i wont talk back.

Its just there..just like you are.

It is just like you. Its just there..standing.

But it is bright and you are not.

It gives light..and you do not.

You might get sick and tired of just lying there and wondering how many more days you will be sad and lonely.

And you cry alone in the night..and while doing so you wonder how many more nights you will be crying alone and making sure no one notices.

And some days you laugh..and wonder when will you be able to laugh again.

But you do not know the answers because the moon does not answer it cannot answer you , it does not talk, it is just there and you are still lonely.

You know then, you are not like the moon.

You are different.

Its bright and you are not.

The similarity is that you both are alone and no one understands you.

No one tries.

They just ask you what…they never ask why!

The moon has stars to keep it company.

You are all alone.

Yes, the moon is for the lonesome to talk to, but after they are done talking..they are still lonely, while the moon just made a friend.

But you know…atleast you tried!