The FISH Syndrome


Profile Name: The pretty girl, with pretty hair, a sexy body maybe, sense of humor is there.

Relationship status: Unexpectedly single.

Looking for: Men (read Prince charming and that is not it)

And she still finds it unexpected that she is single.

We all want perfection. We want to be perfect, and some of us can achieve that perfection. Those who can not, well they tend to find that perfection in their soul mates…that is if they ever find any. Smell pessimism??

Then there are those people who have found that perfection while those who have not as yet, just get this comment from their side…*There are still plenty of fish in the sea*

REALLY. Well i am not sure!!

Materialistic people tend to go for material the fag looking fish which will be driving the best damn car with the big engine. And the fish whose tank is the best God damned looking thing ever. Or the fish with the big head yet the sexiest most expensive watch on its err fin maybe. And all these amount to the fish which is a RICH FISH.

Then there are people who live in fairy tales level zero…who would want the most humble looking fish..not bad looking but not too sexy. But that fish MUST ALWAYS love them, take care of them, provide for them..put its little fin around them to comfort them. Their looney lives will be complete and they will thus have a happy ending. :’)

Lets not forget those people who i do not know what to call them..soo lets just call them LIVE IN FAIRY TALES level ELITE…the ones who want the most sexy, most hot, most amazing fish so that they might not be¬†embarrassed around people they know, who might think that *what a fugly fish this is* or maybe because they are just ugly themselves and want a tool to make other people think how amazing they are. Smell cynical??

Then of course the all rounder folks….the ones who want EVERYTHING on the plate. They would want that tall, dark and handsome fish who makes rich class money, plays sports, has broad shoulders; an athletic body i-e, has the killer smile, has killer attitude…the fish which also has good table manners, knows how to dress…looks¬†cultured, acts cultured…acts decent and LOVES you..:’)….Mermen much?? (o.O)

Or the golden fish perhaps…which is golden. YES

There are still plenty of fish in the sea. And are that fish any good??

^^^^ Ditto………………….. And where is this sea??


The only fish that i came across were ..welll never mind..

The only GOOD fish i came across were already taken..:'(

The ONLY fish i WANT to come across….God has not taken the time to make that yet….</3

Profile Name: The guy without any clue…

Work: Looks for fish.

Relationship status: Denial.

Looking for: Unknown.

Soo if any of you out there wants that perfect fish..or any fish…or are out there looking for fish..tehn you have sadly the FISH syndrome.