You and Me


Left in the abyss, parched on the top

You and me, me and you

I find in you, what you find in you

I find in me, what no one does

You see in colors what i seek in colors

I seek in me what no one does

You hear in the storm, the beauty of the wrath, i

hear in the storm the wrath of the beauty

I hear in me, what no one does

You seek in you, the inner you

I seek in you, you

I seek in me, what no one does

You seek in me, so you find in me

So you hear in me, so you see in me

Naught else but You

Love thyself!


Earthlings! This is a message from the Master of Planet Zog.

Throughout centuries i have noticed your behavior via satellite. And I now advice you to forget about your differences and live as one.

But for that you must love thyself. No *Human* can love other living beings if *IT* is not capable of loving*itself*.

Because you will need all the unity you can gather..when i take over your EARTH. Muahaha haha ha!