6 Things I Learnt In 2012…One Way Or Another.


Well folks the much *happening* year, 2012 is UP! Yes it is..there it goes out of the window. And like every year, it has left many morals and lessons for us to think about.

Here is going to be a list of the things that i learnt this year. There are six of them..i learnt a lot actually but these made it to the list.

  • People get more selfish as they grow older. And true that folks. People learn things about themselves as they grow up and tend to become more selfish than ever. They’d treat you as pond scum if you are in their way of eternal happiness which they get only by THEMSELVES. I mean c’mon people…grow some modesty if you can’t grow some balls.
  • If others have a problem, it is the world’s problem..but if I have a problem, it isn’t worth giving a shot at. Self explanatory! Very Unimportant Person.
  • Reality is not everyone’s piece of cake. It has sharp teeth so it can bite. And dream are just another way of ding drugs…and reality is just another hangover.

  • Over thinking is a disease…as long as you don’t do it right. Wait..no even if you do it right, it is still a disease. Again self explanatory.

  • Being lazy can make you fat. And being fat can make you lazy. If you are lazy you’d get angry at small things..and expectations also make you angry, well not getting the expected thing that is. And if you are lazy and fat you end up looking like a balloon which is not really good.

  • This world is full of very, very very annoying people who think they know it all, but they don’t. These people will kill other people who don’t think like them. All in all this world is a dustbin and most of the people are garbage. No offense, but sadly that is the case. This one makes me so very very sad.

Of radom ramblings…like all random ramblings..


I am hungry and lazy right now. My eyes are red..not because i got baked, but because of the sun..and i do not have any sun-gear!

I watched television ll day. Can you believe how lazy i could have been ..there was nothing to watch..and most of the things i watched..i watched them on repeat..TWICE! But i still watched them all..After all no guts no glory!

I do not know why i wrote that..probably i wanted to give myself a boost for my righteous nothingness.

Soon my head would hurt.

I also ate a lot today and why shouldn’t i? After all i did nothing illegal. Although with each bite i did worry that i am getting fat..but bleh wth you don’t get fat every day do you?

I constantly kept logging in and out from Facebook. Because God knows why.

I might have something to do..i would love to go check, but i don’t want to move. It is 36 degree hot here and i don’t want to imagine what might happen once it will cross 45 degs.

I want to find work.

I want to workout. In fact each day i promise my self that i would. But i don’t. Slap me if you can.

I hope someone (actually the whole world) reads this. I shall become known.

How NOT to stay hungry!


We all know about the monster called hunger. Even the thin ones would know. It attacks us at any time of any day. You would be chilling and TADA you are suddenly hungry. And what you do is…eat!

I mean honestly you thought this will be one of your cliched blog about how to eat healthy and what not to eat and *YOU SHOULD CUT DOWN SUGAR AND START EATING BOILED TASTELESS VEGETABLES!*. Well no. Why in the world would i tell you that.

So yes, eating does not always make you fat. And if it does then i don’t care as long as it satisfies me. Why would i want to stay hungry or resist eating a fried nugget just so i can not become fat!

And then we have all those people telling you that self esteem issues are bad for you! First you ogle a some one who is a bit over the limit of thin…and make them uncomfortable..then you want them to be happy about it.

So you go and tell them that EAT HEALTHY! I mean sure that is good enough but once in a while if i eat a high in cal sandwich i am a monster. And no i do not want to follow a diet plan which tells me to boil one quarter of chicken and eat!

Okay if i am not getting through to you then get this…instead of making people eat 100% healthy they should be allowed to eat whatever they want. And if..IF they become what you call “FAT” then YOU should change your attitude.

How not to stay hungry? Simply eat! If you want to look like an exact replica of a thin pole then go to the gym and MOVE THAT FAT BUTT OF YOURS A LITTLE. But don’t tell me not to eat!

Eat eat all they way!