Of radom ramblings…like all random ramblings..


I am hungry and lazy right now. My eyes are red..not because i got baked, but because of the sun..and i do not have any sun-gear!

I watched television ll day. Can you believe how lazy i could have been ..there was nothing to watch..and most of the things i watched..i watched them on repeat..TWICE! But i still watched them all..After all no guts no glory!

I do not know why i wrote that..probably i wanted to give myself a boost for my righteous nothingness.

Soon my head would hurt.

I also ate a lot today and why shouldn’t i? After all i did nothing illegal. Although with each bite i did worry that i am getting fat..but bleh wth you don’t get fat every day do you?

I constantly kept logging in and out from Facebook. Because God knows why.

I might have something to do..i would love to go check, but i don’t want to move. It is 36 degree hot here and i don’t want to imagine what might happen once it will cross 45 degs.

I want to find work.

I want to workout. In fact each day i promise my self that i would. But i don’t. Slap me if you can.

I hope someone (actually the whole world) reads this. I shall become known.