What Do You Want Today?!


What do you want today and how will you have it? Fresh? Squeezed? Roasted? Shredded? Or baked?

And do you want a takeaway or simply served with a smile?

A smile?? Nope you ask for too much and i have none of that to give. I am not a person who just gives off free hugs. Or serves things with any smile. The only nice thing that i have to offer is a platter of shame…shame for you served with sarcasm and mockery and yes i am a big fan of  bitter irony. Only if that irony is aimed at the queer shape of your head.

Only if it points out your mutated face. And it makes you feel like a scum pie. No i am not a nice person. I am a people person yes..but not of the nice kind.

And what do you care..right. But you should. You must be aware that your fickle mind is what is in line here. Do i wear my looks as if i am a weird bozo or wear clothes like that that may intimidate you?

No but i wear my attitude such way.

So what may i do for you today. How do you want your head served. Out in the public or minced..i would go for raw but it is not a good sight.

I don’t know why i am writing all this..but that is the beauty if things. What do you want today??