Silence vs. Noise??


A prolonged war. Seldom taken care of, seldom being noticed maybe. A prolonged silence. A lot of noise.

This match has been going on and on…and on. This war has been thought about for millenniums.

The collapse of noise results in silence.

The disintegration of silence is noise.

They both go hand in hand.

The greedy undertone gives birth to sound…sound which is silences’ enemy perhaps.

The space is empty like silence….it breathes stillness.

To think which one is powerful is out of our imagination.  We can not judge whether silence beclouds noise..or noise takes over silense.

We are obfuscated.

It has nothing to do with vision.

What is there to noise???

What is there to silence….

They both are murderers. Villains. Terminators.

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