Life is tough, yes. And people are horrible, true. And things are not what they seem, agreed.

So i used to ponder on the fact that why things are not what they seem. And why everything is different. And it was not until now that i found out.

People are not JUST people they are Illusionists. And they do tricks with our eyes and brains, making us believe that which is not there.

“The real secret of magic lies in the performance”  David Copperfield quotes.

And the person who is the best performer is the best illusionist. And he is the one who fools the most people. Only after knowing the reality of things. And the fact that this world is only half filled with illusionists i came to the realization that people are fake, with fake smiles and stuff. And anything and everything they do it is a damn illusion.

They say things which they do not mean and mean things they do not say (giddy i know).
We all have been fooled by these illusionists. And we do not admit it though..we all sort of like them too. because they are more clever than us.

They are just like con men. But more cleverer and more smarter. Their faces are veneered and clothes glittery and everything about them is shiny from the outside so our eyes are blinded by the brightness and we are not able to see how ugly they are from the inside.

But what i still wonder is that how can they be so damn good at it. And i guess the only way to find out is to be one of them. But i choose not to.  Why because well..illusionist live in denial…while i chose to live in reality, which is bitter of course, but at least its bright and shimmery light does not blind me.

But people..regular people easily fall prey to these illusions, confuse reality with illusion and then die a harsh death.

So yes, better poor than an illusionist. After all they all go to hell.

Are you one f them? Are you an illusionist? I know i am not.

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