Such love. Much wow. :3


SO this is what my friend wrote for me, on my birthday today :’)

Random shizz.

So. Today is the birthday of this amazing person who happens to be a very VERY important part of my life! She’s always been the understanding kind. The one person who’s been there. Like genuinely by my side through all of my phases. And I lurve her for that. YES. ^-^
So. I’ve known you for what 9 years now? Wowowowow. MashAllah. It feels like forever. You’re like my soul mate type person. You’ve always been there for me man. Whether I’ve asked or not. Haye. Whattay long way we’ve come man.
From being your personal punching bag to not talking for quite a while in the middle to insulting one another to what were are today. Mein sadqay. How have we not disowned each other by now? :’)
I’ve had that weirdest conversations with you man. Sachi baat.
So here’s to all the insane times we’ve spent together, yet…

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