Three Layers of Illusion.


It is okay. After all it all is a blinding illusion. And illusions are like that–fragile. They break easy. Just like people. People break easy as well. People.

It is a strange fact–reality is. It fades and as it goes people become blinded by the glitter. Reality–the first layer of illusion. Millions live in reality. None know what it is.

Perception. The second layer of illusion. But this keeps changing. Like time. Time changes with each tick.

Time. The third layer of illusion. It is dimensionless. We think it keeps going. It doesn’t. We think it will heal. It doesn’t.

We perceive this about time. This illusion breaks. Like people do. People.

And reality. That is another illusion that breaks. Reality isn’t real. If it were, it would keep on going forever. But reality stops the moment people make it stop. And people..they break easy.

People…they are the biggest illusion. And the rest is a part of this.

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