Dear Fragments of Such and Such.

It is often unbelievable isn’t it. You are fragments of such and such–and I am a small fragment of life. But then it is bewildering because life itself is a fragment of something bigger.

We are all fragments. All broken away. All scattered. Humans, all of them are pieces of a mirror. A huge mirror–broken and scattered. We all have to find each other. Make a connection. Bond. And become a whole again. But is it possible? You tell me– O Fragments of Such and Such.

For instance, Time is a fragment of a higher order. How solitary that is. It is called *Father Time* yet is is a small part of nature.

So by and by–we all revolve  around each other, we are all fragments. We are fragments which revolve around other fragments–hoping to catch attention. Hoping to bond. Hoping. Is hope a fragment too?

Fragments of Such and Such–maybe we have come across somewhere. Who knows. But there will be a day when all of us, fragments and all, will combine together, either for destruction or maybe for construction.

Till then,

Fragmentally Yours

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