What Really Happened in 2012..and What Really Will Happen in 2013.


So here it is guys…big night ehh. The new year coming up. New year stuff happening all around. People making resolutions and what not. Expecting things.

Well color me a pessimist but i can’t help it. What really happened in 2012 was a pile of hot steaming something that can not be named here. Just a bunch of SOBs trying to be a bit better at their job and failing miserably.

You know that is exactly what will happen now. Because at the end of the day…it is just the date and day that changes and not the people.

But i could be wrong. There was war…maybe there’l be more war, more poverty, more sad faces.

More SOBs.

So in 2013, you will only feel more miserable than you did before…but then again i am just the pessimist.

And at each tick and tock of the clock we all will worry how on earth did we end up being so screwed up in our head.

But then again…pessimist talk. A common cynic.

Maybe not because you know why…what happens is due to us. The people. We make it happen. We unmake it.

We cant go on blaming the dates and days…all we get to do is make the best of it. This year do what you always wanted to. But never had the guts to. This year make a difference. Make a huge difference. This year….consider yourself awesome.

This year, just do something out of the box.

Yes things will are horrible, they will always be horrible. the prices will shoot sky high. There will be blood shed and hatred.

Yes there will be all of this.

But…just make a difference. If you can’t, then..well you never had it in you and you don’t get to whine about it.

Because…now is what makes a difference.

Happy New Year Everyone…See you on the other side of the light!


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