Things I May Do In 2013.


I do not believe in new year’s resolutions at all. And i almost never had any. But i guess it doesn’t hurt us if we try new things. Because new years resolutions are as thin as air.

And so this year i geared up and thought..’well what the hell!’. So i made up a list of things i may do the coming year. I mean it is stuff that is relate able because unlike all of you i won’t actually do any thing 😛


So here goes…

  • I shall try not to be lazy…*yeah as if that one will ever work*
  • I shall learn how to drive like a man, unlike the previous year when i didn’t even learn how to drive like a woman.
  • I shall lose at least 5 K gs. *got to cut down on the cake*
  • I shall not look back at stupid mistakes….and repeat them. I shall throw them garbage.
  • I shall not give up finding *LOVE*. Or i will…can’t tell. Too confused.
  • I shall write all the things that i wanted to the previous year but i couldn’t *link to the first resolution*
  • I shall earn some good money…*pffft* Nuff said!
  • I shall be the greatest human in the history of greatest humans. Although over here the phrase *watch what you wish for* keeps popping in my head. I wonder why that is.
  • I shall buy a dog. Who will love me for however i am.
  • I shall say good riddance to every pond scum who treats me as dirt.
  • I shall be more profound.
  • I shall make 10 more friends…who can be good friends.
  • I shall try to conquer the world. And if it fails…i will blame the Dictators…whoever they are.
  • I shall not help with any alien invasion, unless they give me 20% credit.
  • I shall try to control my anger.
  • I shall not let things to make me fall apart. Honestly.
  • I shall try to be more punctual in praying.
  • I shall conquer the world and if i fail…i will blame the animals for making me a part of their plan.
  • I shall be more than someone.

Oh and this is going to be my 99th post. Woohoo. Stay put for the 100th jubilee thing.





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