Jelly beans!



People. People are like jelly beans. All of us.Gooey colorful and full of taste. And they make our teeth go bad too.

Are we really? Well it could be used as a metaphor can’t it.

I mean we don’t have to be jelly beans for real..that would be kind of creepy. Just imagine a face for every jelly bean.

Hah. Creepy (-_^)

But we can be jelly beans if we talk in metaphors. I mean if we have to say that some one is fat…without sounding mean..we can call that person–A Jelly bean!

And if we want to say *His bloody face was red with anger*

We can say..*His bloody face was jelly bean with anger.*

Um..on second thought, no.

Okay moving on. Let us just put Jelly bean instead of Human.

That would be funny. *That jelly bean just said that and now i am going to jelly bean that jelly bean some more. Rawr. Son of a jelly bean.*

Or something like..*How dare that jelly bean say that…backstabber jelly bean. I heard she is going steady with that half eaten jelly bean. Can you believe my jelly bean jelly bean? :O*

Some one’s motto could be.. *Don’t jelly bean all the time you jelly beans. Leave some for later.*

Scum bean would be hilarious too.

I know this may not make much sense and is just a step ahead of plain gibberish. But what can i say i am a jelly bean when it comes to being a jelly bean. Ask my jelly bean friends they will tell you how jelly bean i am. But what can i say..once a jelly bean, always a jelly bean.



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