Why Things Happen?!


Things just happen don’t they. Good things and the bad things. And they have been happening for a long time. And will keep coming up. But why things happen?

Human life is whacked up and screwed? No. It is the people which make it so. And people will keep on making it so. Humans are trashed and what not.

Now for instance…nah forget it.

Why things happen?!

Is it written somewhere? It isn’t. We get top write for ourselves. We get to pick the words and actions. We get a choice. We choose. And we apply the actions and speak the words. And it all leads to things.

So things happen and we get to learn from them and talk about them…and forget them. So things happen because we let them happen. It is not like a super sonic waste.

It just is. We get a choice. We are choosers, pickers. And we sadly are lousy at it. Human brain is not the best thing God  created. Or maybe it is…only *Humans* aren’t the best creation of God.

Because…that is just it. It isn’t all by a few bad experiences…and it is not after you look over a few good experiences..it just is.

Things happen…and people happen. And it all is for the good and the bad. Mostly for the forgetfulness. And mostly because it was written. By us.

Why things happen?!

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