So what if it is all infinite, the light and the dark

The depth of her eyes and the wound or his scar

Infinite is the pain and also the loss

That we all face and once a while come across

Infinite…it all is

The two layers of shadow and infinite..

Is the road which takes you to the end

End of what?

Infinite is not though, the life that we live

Or do we?

Infinite are the shadows..the two layers of shadows.

One below the other, and one above.

Infinite are the colors…until they fade away

SO infinite is the action of fading away

Infinite is death, but we have to wake up

So infinite is the element that dies away

Or does it?

Infinite is it all…

The snow, until the infinite heat reaches it.

Blood, till it dries up

Voices, till they die away.


Or dusk till it turns to dust

Space till it goes to waste



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