It Rained In Here Today!


Last rain all faded away..all faded past

All swept from the memories, all images gone

And waiting for nothing more than a new day to dawn

Maybe it will rain today,maybe it wont

But waiting for a rain to pour..pour the feelings out

Here it is sunny but cold

Here it is…blurry and bold

Here it is no season at all

Here are blood and knives and guns

But here is rain yet none

But waiting for a pour…

To pour it all away

And then who knows, the maiden may sway

Memories may rush in..or back

Or new memories made

But downpour will come today

It rained in here today!



Life and feelings are like a twister. One that does not always come clean. One that never just completely leaves or get done…but keeps coming back.

Like and feelings..huh!

These two go hand in the two wings of a butterfly..equally fragile.

They will never understand me..i know. But what can be done. You can close your eyes for a minute or two or peace or relief. Or momentary joy.

But joy is a hard fish to catch. Maybe not for all..but not always for none.

Everything comes and just like that it goes.

Only somethings the scent of perfume on your skin…but then even that gets washed off.

But yes a twister…it comes ferociously and goes like that too..but doesn’t completely goes…it leaves behind an ache…a grinding mess..a tear or many.

Life and feelings…you combine these two and you get a twister.

I know none will get me…none at all…but they don’t matter. No they don’t!

The Bleeding Arm of Crashing Euphoria.


No words only actions and nothing but a bleeding arm

And no light but a dark light amidst the bright fire

And nothing more than the sound

The sound of Crashing Euphoria….like falling pieces of shredded mirror

There stands the woman…covered in blood from head to toe. And there she stands with tears which burnt her face. And she the sound of the Crashing Euphoria. How she dances.

She stretches her bleeding arm but no one to take it.

The bleeding arm of euphoria crashing

The disfigured face covered with blood

And she stretches her arm…again and again. None take it. None see it. It is only an arm..attached to a body…

But it bleeds dry.

There stands the woman and she stretches her bleeding arm..while she¬† dances to the sound of euphoria crashing…And there stands a lion sniffing the blood drenched air…it sees the arm.