To Judge..or Not To Judge!



“Hey Guys this is XYZ, she is new here” “And XYZ these are my friends” After the casual round of hey there and howdy dos XYZ left for her work..

“Ohmg! She seems a bit weird!” “Yeah i mean what is up with the weird look on her face”

“Yea i don’t like her..and i think neither does she!”


“Look at that weird looking girl who just walked by guys..Did you see her?” “Why what happened?” “Nothing she was just a tad bit weird! She has a lot of attitude”


“Man those clothes are weird…i bet she got them from some cheap store!!”


Yes we all do this..even me. But lately i have come to realization that being judgmental is a horrible turn off. We belong to a world where people will like you for the color of your skin, ethnicity, race..and the language you speak.

And it does not end here…what color shoes you wear and how they look..and whether or not you are wearing designer label or not.

How we look and whether we talk and WHAT we talk about.

We do it knowingly and we do it without knowing…but we are all responsible for doing it.

Judging people, we consider a leisure and a past time. We bully people, we pick on them just because we don’t seem to like them. We comment on them..on their looks and on everything they represent.

Respect seems sacred to us because we have never given it to any one…and nor has anyone ever given it to us. So why bother. I mean for all we know.people who we judge..probably judge us back.

I am ashamed when i consider…remember would be more like it..the times i have passed a wicked remark on some ones hair..or their bag or their shoes…or anything..and now when i do remember it all..i want to wallow in shame.

It is our favorite past time. We have become so selfish that when other people do things we find faults in them..and if we can not find any we just want to undermine them…because near us..WE are the only statues of perfection!

Well it is not the case. We are, each of us..not even real to perfection and our biggest flaw s being judgmental!

But not many would understand this…my *one of the biggest* achievements would be to stop looking at people’s skin or color or hair or anything that makes me want to judge them.

If we are who we choose to be..than surely many other people live by this rule. And just because we do not like what they choose to be does not give us any right to point our dirty fingers at them.

It may be normal behavior but it seems not. We do not like people merely because they are different …or better than us. Sad it is..but this behavior is almost apocalyptic.

We are cowards…because we hide our weak points and our dirty laundry but we like to discuss what the other is cleaning and where…more importantly how they got it dirty!

I mean a little respect wont hurt. A little discretion wont as well. This is a self lesson.

To judge or not to judge…that is the big question. That is a nudge..and a wake up call.

What say you?

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