Exams and How to cope with exam related frustration!


It has been a long while since i blogged. Well you see i had my exams….long hard times.And well tough times to put in shortly.

Not that i spent a lot of time studying or anything but spending half a month giving and preparing for tests surely can get to one’s nerves.

I don’t get along with the text books so well. And surely they don’t get along with me. And what ever comes in between is just…phiiishh!

Going through any text book thoroughly and then having to through the same texts again and again…and then once more to revise stuff so you don’t see the red stars..takes a lot of courage and besides courage it beats the spirits down, bores you..maddens you.

Not being able to go anywhere just because you are not supposed to …only because you have to appear in an exam is stressing..more like depressing.

I could not talk to people that is socialize with them on a larger level because i had to study the same stuff i had been studying for a long time turned me into a psycho- no socio maniac. I don’t remember things that well etc etc…i have become fat!

But how do i deal with all this!?

I couldn’t find time to meditate…and by the end of my exams…my head surely became a deflated balloon. I could not concentrate on the stuff that i wrote in the paper..i did not want to study at all..I became exhausted.

How do you cope…yes getting to that…


The one thing that you can do is get full rest to restore your energy..even if you can not get all of the reading and studying done.

Pray that whatever you did comes in the exam..:P

But more importantly don’t let the frustrations get the better of you.

Clear your head and be more focused.

Do not isolate yourself…make social contacts with people.

Leave out future making exams…for later

*Drum rolls*

And now ladies and gentlemen…have fun giving exams…


To do…or not to do!