How Sometimes Nice People Can Be Annoying!


You Person! Thy Art Is Insanity.

Hello hello..Puny Earthlings! I have now lasted on this planet for far too long to remember. I have learn t your ways, customs and eating habits. I have disguised myself as one of you..just a bit more fashionable and better looking, if you know what i mean. I have even made friends.

Okay for your sake i will give you a break. But this can sometimes be lesser annoying than most of the normal people of our ecosystem. *Ecosystem* Funny word..nehh

If i were a zombie feeding on ‘Bwainz’ there would be an 87% chance of starvation for me. Ok maybe not, maybe i will become as fat as *people who like to eat* (Insert whatever comes to your mind and by whatever i mean whatever race of people). Because i will be eating the part of the brain not used by most people…and by Jove it will be A LOT.

I am not complaining, it’s just that there is a difference between having fun and acting immature (Read annoying). Now don’t take me for one of those people who is a buzz kill. Because well truth is i am not. Thing is…people act in certain ways they think seems cool to other people when it just makes 77% of them want to smash their teeth with a hammer.

Now if i were racist i would have many examples..but as it happens i am not. I simply fall into that category of buffoons who pay too much attention to other peoples feelings. Which is again ironic because i don’t care whether XYZ is heartbroken because i am an insensitive monkey. *Bananananana*

So i was saying…people and their nasty habit of doing incredibly stupid things which pisses people off and Et cetera. You may find this blog worthless…or even as annoying as i am making other people sound. But then it cant be helped..maybe you are an alien as well.

*Dr* Sheldon Cooper says and i quote, ‘One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.’

Now you know how i feel?

Umm i am taking a guess…NO?

But how could you. Let me put it in simpler way…

  •  Annoying Person: *Puts Facebook status* Should i buy an expensive laptop or should i buy a more expensive mac book?
    Tagline: I’m rich, bitch. 3 cars and a truck. I’m rich, bitch.
    How i may or may not see it: What can i tell you i am… *Penny less, job less, hairless, food less* -.-
  • Annoying Person: OMG one day left in the exammm…i am gonaa get an F 😦
    Tagline: Bring it on you little….
    What i see in that person: the future president working their way up up and up
  • Annoying Person(s): *On Facebook* Talks about some big secret on each others time lines so the world can see.
    Tagline: We can keep a secret safe as long as everyone else can figure out what it is about..touche 🙂
    What i … know never mind.
  • Annoying Person: Puts everything they did, ate or…discharged, on social networking sites.
    Tagline: There honestly is no tagline here just a bunch of people telling everyone what color was their poop.
  • Annoying Person: “I am not that much of a sports fan.” Follows Big Sports event like World Cups, Olympics, Asian Games…etc etc on Google so they can show people on their social networking sites how cool they are…by putting pictures and lame statuses..
    Tagline: I think you need to get living..Brah!

So you know what i mean…these people on the average look and seem nice..normal but things they do for THINGS! Ay Caramba!!

My alien senses are tingling…i must go to the loo now.

And you know these things are not even half of what actually happens.


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