So it is really late in the night. I am tired and i can not sleep.

It has been moments i have not written something like i did before. Years since i have felt like before.

It is hot and sweaty. I feel absolutely horrid. I am hungry but sick.

I can not say i am alone…i am never alone.

There is nothing that can please me right now. But i know that tomorrow when i wake up..from sleep..because it will come eventually, it will altogether be different.

I know not when eventually it will, but i know. A time will come my body will grow tired and weary of being tired and weary.

And that is that.

I see people doing things, and hear them talking, but i know they can not see me…pulling the few magic tricks i know up my sleeve nor can they listen or hear the spells i know so well.

They are all dazed.

It is now late…and i have nothing to do or feel. I am sleepless.


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