We are surrounded by fragility. Everything and everyone we know of…is fragile.

One way or another.

Like the butterfly. With fragile wings. Yet colorful and bright. How they can disintegrate.

Or the glass…beautifully shaped, but it can shatter.

It is all fragile. Like sleep.

And what goes on…when we dream. And when we stop.




Yes…i know what tranquility is. I know what it means.

I know what happens in tranquility.

It is a journey away from what is enraged. Within you..or outside.

Tranquility is a spell. I have felt tranquility but tasted violence. Have i amalgamated both?

It is not possible. I think not. It is a spell…among the few spells that i know.

I am a magician.

It is calm….when there is quiet.

Can i describe it? Can anyone describe it?

It is the state when surely…*All is violent…..all is blur*



So it is really late in the night. I am tired and i can not sleep.

It has been moments i have not written something like i did before. Years since i have felt like before.

It is hot and sweaty. I feel absolutely horrid. I am hungry but sick.

I can not say i am alone…i am never alone.

There is nothing that can please me right now. But i know that tomorrow when i wake up..from sleep..because it will come eventually, it will altogether be different.

I know not when eventually it will, but i know. A time will come my body will grow tired and weary of being tired and weary.

And that is that.

I see people doing things, and hear them talking, but i know they can not see me…pulling the few magic tricks i know up my sleeve nor can they listen or hear the spells i know so well.

They are all dazed.

It is now late…and i have nothing to do or feel. I am sleepless.