Doing It The Vampire Way…


This post is more like an unprepared-ish commentory on the movies and flicks that we get to see nowadays. While they all cost gazillions of dollars i don;t get the Hollywood addiction with Vampires!

Be them shiny vampires or serious one’s people are running around…to get a glimpse of them.

No wonder the acting and the dialogues and even the stories are worth watching..but what i do not get they really need a couple of vampires to pull off the stunt of a movie to be on top of the list.

I know a lot of non vampire movies who were a remarkable hit. I need not name them. I do not have the typing strenght.

Every V movie is the same…a hot melting main actor… a sexy female lead.

And in all of them there happens to be a train. And as we near the climax, the lead guy gets on top of the train to fight the bad guy. The trains in movies before had ammunition, now they are loaded with vampire *larva*.

And now they want to believe how life would have been different if Abe Lincoln was a vampire too.

I mean i know i do not have to watch them..and i don’t..but it is kinda hard to ignore all of this GLAM when all around you it is..VAMPIRE ERA.

I am sure…somewhere Dracula must be rolling over in his coffin..PUN INTENDED.

But then again i am just another…cynic, sour puss!

“What did you say Vampires do these day?”

I have stuff…


See i have a lot of stuff up my sleeve. A lot of imagination up my mind..

A lot of ideas to put here.

A lot of people to read.

What i don’t have is time.