mrs. sparkly’s ten commandments nomination


My friend who owns the blog *Orbital Decay* has nominated me for this award..yay! Thanks 😀

the rules of this award is, im required to answer some questions and nominate ten other blogs that i believe deserve this award.

  1. describe yourself in 7 words? – awesome, vigorous, clever, funny, silent, social and political.
  2. what keeps you up at night? –the heat and mosquitoes :/
  3. whom would you like to be? – no one in particular..just a better version of myself.
  4. what am i wearing right now? – some boring house clothes.
  5. what scares you? – dead people walking.
  6. what are the best and worst things about blogging? – well the best thing is interacting and getting whats on our mind in the form of the talent you have with the many people of the world. The worst thing is that not all the people think like you and they may or may not like what you put out.
  7. if i could change one thing about myself, what would it be? –hmm i duno not to over think maybe.
  8. slankets, yes or no? – mehh..
  9. tell us something about the person who nominated you -i love her posts…she amazes me and she is a nice support. 🙂
  1. mrs sparkly’s ten commandments nomination goes to….

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