Vacations :D *A dialogue with my brain*


3 more days till my vacations start. Woohooo

And what do i plan to do in them. Take a shot of productivity.

I will be king of the world. Yeah like that is ever going to happen.

Anyhooo…i will actually try to be a good girl and do everything that i planned. And i wont tell no one so it does not become jinxed.

Believe me the only thing through which it can become jinxed is being lazy.

It always works you know.

No i will definitely work something up this time around.. honestly i have a lot of packages up my sleeve.

Poofsh exams will be held right after the vacs and there is no way anyone will study until the exam night..let alone do something PRODUCTIVE.

I guess…maybe.

Muaha. I am always right you know.

But i was hopeful

Let it goo..There is always television and nothing to do on the internet.



You know it is being a scumbag when it is being a scumbag.

5 thoughts on “Vacations :D *A dialogue with my brain*

  1. yay! aww cmon, being lazy wont jinx it 😛 after all, vacations is pretty much means for the brain to relax aka being lazy so it’ll be recharged and amped up for the exams 😛

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