The Australians did it AGAiN!


I always rather envy them Australians. Envy and love them. They are GOOD at almost everything.

Be it sports or cooking or Kangaroos or Kuala Bears or their beautiful land.

I had always wanted to go there when i used to see their team come in Olympic Events because they were good at whatever they played.

I did although NOT like them whenever our team lost to theirs a number of time in Cricket or Hockey.

But nonetheless i liked the place.

I have seen it on different tourist shows on television and heck do i WANT to and NEED to go there. It is really magnanimous.

And then on Animal Planet when i used to watch Late Steve Irwin i always used to mesmerized.

Last year when i started watching Masterchef Australia i was impressed by their knowledge of cooking and good food and i learn t how much they love good food.

But what really got to me…and for this i must hand it in to them…is the Junior Masterchef Australia. What those 8-12 year olds cook i can not learn that in my entire lifetime. Period.

So the Australians have done it again. Proven that they are brilliant.

P.S I hope i go there someday.


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