SUMMERS why art thou so effing hateful?!


I loathe summers. I absolutely loathe them.

Summers in Pakistan are unlike any *tropical* summers. They are mean, harsh and full of s*it. Summer here starts from May and ends somewhere is September and trust me..these 5 months are life’s most pathetic events ever.

Temperature starts rising..from 37 deg and goes towards 49-50 deg..Celsius!!  Can you believe it..It is monstrosity.

It would have been less monstrosity if the power did not go off every two hours.

It is sticky sweaty and smelly. Hence SLOTHFUL.

You don’t want to eat anything, you cant sleep well. Urghh. Things wont cool.

In Summer, normal people become grumpy for no good reason. And people like me who are usually grumpy for no good reason become something like err…psychopaths.

And then there are them disgusting house pests…Lizards.

These crawlers would come out from nowhere. and mock you with a shameful sneer that is present on their faces.

During this season..i become helpless. I hate everyone and everything.

How will i pass these four months i have no damn clue.


2 thoughts on “SUMMERS why art thou so effing hateful?!

  1. ohmygod! aww i feel you, i know what it feels like 😮 air-condition and horrible summers like this are really good buddies 😛 i hope you get through this summer okay 🙂

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