So it was 010 days? Or 010 years? I could not tell. 010 moments maybe.

010 gateways perhaps!

Whatever happened happened for a reason.

010 white marbles…010th one…was hollow.



009 bullets pierced through his body.

The 009th one hit his heart. His breath left his body.



008 stars shine in the sky. 008 stars look down from the sky at night.

Soon the 008th star broke away from the rest. It is now a shooting star.

It is one of THOSE days again!


You can not imagine what i am going through. I feel hopeless most of the day and by night…i weep under my covers.

I try to move but it is much too painful. Every part of my brain hurts. I don’t feel like eating anything and when i do feel like it, i don’t want to. I loath every human being in such a crisis. it is both biological and mental..also if i may add physical too.

yes you guessed it (or i think you did) the days when i have a space in my brain which keeps tormenting me and a hundred things pop up in my mind about WHAT TO WRITE! A millions words, a billion catchy phrases and a quarter million fancy titles. It feels like explosions in my head.

And i as you all know by now am a lazy bum! I simply go on doing what i was doing..thinking that i will put these thoughts to writing some *lifetime* later.

I sometimes do! Mostly i get engulfed by the better of life.

A time comes when i WANT to *read NEED* to write fancy stuff…i have empty words and well *not that i want to accept this fact but a mild case of as i like to put it* writer’s block.

And then..i just sit and stare and curse myself for not being vigilant. But such is life. The paper seems more blank. The pen seems to not run out of ink. And well..the keys of my laptop seem icy cold while the empty white of the screen screams at me..stares at me and sneers!