Irony of Fate


Irony! A word which might sound good at the beginning but getting to know the depth of this very word is, has and will always be DISTRESSING!

Youu got me….always..DISTRESSING with CAPS ON.

You see life is not all that messed is your fate that makes it so. We may not (and usually we do not ) like it but it is inevitable and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Whatever bad happens to us is all the doing of the villian we call FATE. Now don’t get me wrong it could have something good for us..maybe…sometimes….MAYBE.

It is sad enough that the barbarian always knows where it hurts the most…and it never misses a hit.

*Been there done that?*

Have’nt we all??

We have been hurt and then dragged in the dirt and cried and done all sorts of crazy stuff like this …because of it…BLOODY FATE ehh

Patience is a virtue they say…and tell you to resign to fate….they say that because there is no other option..and there never really is…but they say that in a mocking tone..which is demeaning…and painful…

Elixir, antidote ..cure there is none…then why damned world silently you laugh at my stigma, why damned fate you have to so very ironic.

Irony of fate..i am not perfect…but the only reason i am not is you..playing with me ..always..since the very beginning


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