Sticks and Stones


*Sticks and stones may break my bones…but words will never hurt me.*.

Or that is what i thought was the case. Words can come in different packages you know. It could be words of wisdom that some idiot said. Or it could be simple words that someone not-so-idiotic said.

It could be words from a story. Or words in a movie.

General word..(i honestly do not know what that is)

Mean things people *like me* say to other people using ..yes WORDS.

It could be anything.

I believed my self to be all hardcore. Nothing could harm me. Not a soul could make me fall.


Until i entered the WORLD of WORDS….*o.O* Sounds scary and confusing..and yes you will probably bite your own tongue many times saying it. But true it is.

The hradcore is as soft as banana from the inside. TRUE STORY!

Or maybe you are not really hardcore if reading fairytales with a sad ending*which is never true* makes you depressed. OR reading ANY book with not a sad ending but only use of sad words can make you cry.

Watching every hardcore flick…and listening to every hardcore song…i guess does not make you hardcore..if listening to one heartbreak song or watching one* maybe more* dog movie in which the dog dies in the end (or for that matter any movie; animated preferably* can produce a sea of tears. *Btw what is it about dog movies and animated flicks that can make everyone go soft as a teddy bear*

And then people…mean people..who say things and are left bewildered and and..heartbroken.

Gah screw life perhaps.

Conclusion conclusion: I guess i am not as hardcore as i thought i was.

Sticks and stones won’t break my bones….but words will always crush me.


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