A musing traveller, whom i was
Travelling the time to betray the time
Travelling the world to leave it behind
Travelling to the estuary to descend into the sea
Into the sea to give birth to the waves
Travelling in the night to swallow the darkness
Travelling……..a traveller,me
From heartless to homeless
From lonliness to sadness
From deathly to divine
Following the dust towards the time
Travelling along the shadows towards the cemetries
Travelling the time which gave birth to th shadows
Waiting for the sun to ripen the fruit of misery
The soul which turns into shadows
The shadow travelling with me
Under the cloak of misery
Carrying in its womb the child of the demon
Not my shadow,the shadow of the culprit
Who brewed the wine, the wine of hatred, the painful hatred
And waited for me to take a sip of the liqour
So my love may die a slow death
As it spreads in my body, my viens my soul
I died slowly, very slowly
The shadow gave birth to th demon
The demon when took over my hollow body
It travelled from bieng deathly to divine

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