I curse..therefore i am.



The other day i was angry..you know like i usually am..no secrets there. And i started cursing, you know like i usually do…no secrets there either. And then i felt that i was starting to feel better. Almost?? Yes FUCK yeah!

So they say that 50% anger flies away if we curse. HELL i’d say it all does.

I remember when i was a kid, i would hear the GROWN-UP people curse and i would think to myself that what an awful thing it is to curse, because it always used to make me feel weird and nasty-ish.

Then when i grew up..not that i had a choice, i went through you know the emotional dilemma crap that children growing up go through. So i took to abusing things..and people…inside my head, so i wouldn’t get into trouble with the family as we had a strict *NO ABUSE* rule in the household..Clever ehh?

So then i grew up more, in size. My slang vocabulary grew too..in size..and shape.

My tongue yearned for freedom.

I gave it freedom.

I do not exactly remember the first time i cursed some one for i was only 10 years old then. And that was just foreplay.

Because things were just about to get naughty afterwards.

I used the EFF (read FUCK) word like a LOT.  And it was almost as if my anger level dropped by 80 points.

It felt goooooooood. It felt like a release, a darned release from some..something i can not put my finger on.

I still use the EFF (read FUCK) word. And it still makes me feel good….It maybe makes me seem a hell lot more cool when i say it. Or maybe it just makes me a lot more fucked in the brain. I care not, because it has been there every time i needed a hug from a real human being. It did not need any compromise.

I swear with my friends…at my friends. I swear in public..and AT them of course…WHY NOT??!!

Is it a bad thing to do? No not from where i come from..and do you know where that is…It is that crazy f*cked up land where being messed up is THE MOST SEVERELY COOLEST thing. Where i am KING, and others…. amateurs *narcissism >being awesome>being cool>thinking that no one else has a life>other people>who other people??*

So yeas, i am that person with the short temper and the big mouth Who is not thought of in the highest regards. Who many of you do not like. Who curses at everything and anything, anytime and everytime. Because, well cursing asks you no questions..it just lets you be.

It was always present in my solitude.

In my insomnia. In my anger. My wrath, my longing.

My wishes, my dreams.

Yes i curse a lot. Yes i know people hate me for that.

Yes i do not care.

It makes me feel light. FUCK YEAH!


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