Night Fades…..


It was dark, pitch dark outside. It was darker still inside. There was intense silence yet there was a commotion, a restess frenzy going on about. The night prowlers had taken over and were maybe having a busy night.

The half moon started to shine, trying to peak from between the clouds who concealed it…as if it was a fair maiden who no one should lay their eyes on. But it still managed to emerge through them. Though it was only a half moon yet it lightened up the long outstretched road. Moonlight fell on the trees giving them elongated shapeless shadows which looked like gruesome dead figures.

And yes there was that chilly breeze, the one that tangles with your skin as if it is trying to reach to your soul. And such was night time. Yet it was pitch dark outside, darker still inside.

Nothing could be seen or heard in the room but something could be felt. Restlessness. In the cold attic room, on a cold bed, he lay there trying to sleep. Wanting to sleep, needing to sleep. But sleep is not that easy to get for some. And he was one of those for whom sleep is a hard bargain.

It seemed like a long night. Almost never ending. He had nothing to do. Nothing to think about. No one to talk to. He felt empty and hollow. Restlessness. He was tired, he felt dead. Futility was killing him, serenity had decieved him. Sleep seemed sacred. He lay there wistfully.

Time was slowly, reluctantly passing by. Each second becoming harder to bear. It was an eerie night. He took out his cigarette lighter and started toying with it. He turned it on, looked at the burning flame for a while, felt uncertain and turned the burner off.

He was now in doldrums. His eyes ached now, they were red filled with all the years of sadness. They were in an eigma. They showed misery. He twisted and turned on his bed. Time was running. Time was passing by. Soon time would collide with sleep…or so he wished.  Outside it was not pitche dark anymore…inside it was darker still.

The sky was beginnig to change colour. It was ready to transform into light. Sleep was still far away, somewhere out of his reach. Maybe someplace pure,clean. Maybe in clouds or even heaven.

He took out his lighter again. He lay on his bed, upside down, with one arm stretched out. He turned the lighter on.

He watched the steady flame, burning …..just burning.

He saw how it glows. Outside the dark black sky began to change its color.

He looked outside the window and for the first time in many days, he thought about something.

Clenching the burning light in one hand, he thought, whie=le looking at the sky…how tranquil, how serene and how divine it was. The sky that changes color..solemn, still and intense. He began to cogitate.

He looked and looked. He wondered, that in all the intensity, the stillness,the depth, the dark…oh how easily,swiftly and sadly it all ends…only to begin.

In such solitude,restlessness,uncertainty,deceit, it just fades……..Night fades…..

With this thought,he turned over looked at the burning flame and turned it off.




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