Oblivion and Beyond


There is light which takes charge of the dark. There is dark which covers the light.

There are colours all bright, all very bright.

There are many things we know of and many of which we don’t.

There is melancholy which seems to have no end.

There is felicity…which comes and goes.

There is life….and death.

There is oblivion….. forgetfulness

There is oblivion…..sleep!

Beyond oblivion is there peace?

Beyond oblivion is there satisfaction?

Beyond oblivion is there tranquillity…serenity?

Beyond oblivion is there dust?

Is there futility beyond oblivion?

There is a beyond to everything….

There is a life beyond life…

But is there oblivion beyond oblivion?

Can anyone define oblivion..

Can anyone define what is beyond oblivion?


Can what we feel be described….

There is a beyond to everything

There is a beyond to oblivion

Oblivion and Beyond…..

There is something beyond oblivion….

Is it a world???

Is it defeat?


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