Orchard of death


Orchard of death

From the orchard of death passed a grostique shadow
the shadow when passed from the putrid graves
caused the bones tp pulverize and all our souls to thaw
but nobody knew what the shadow felt
for the shadow carried a burnt primrose
and it felt like the primrose had grown right in the heart of autumn
the shadow was all overcast, black and grey and all aghast
and it was all cold and it felt that it could feel nothing
but through the black and grey, one could see a warm red heart
which had something to tell
and from the orchard of death, passed a grostique shadow
and beside one grave it stopped and fell on its knees
and tears of defeat fell from its eyes
merciless may the world be, but the moment brought tears to its eyes
the eroded granite began to shine by the teardrops
the full moon was silent still and felt as if it was sad
suddenly the shadow began to shine, shine and shine some more
wiping its tears, it rose up and went away
as it was going it seemed like, it was bieng pugnacious to itslef
but it was sad and you could feel the slight warmth of its heart
which was beating fast and you could hear its beat in the silent night
it left the primrose on the grave
and suddenly the burnt primrose caught its colour
and it turned yellow andthen bright yellow
the grostique shadow went out of the orchard of death
now my friends i shall not tell, the real reason behind all this
for you will find the answer deep inside your heart
but as they say in the world
‘thou not loveth your dearest ones when they are near you and smile at you
thou not loveth your dearest friends when they stand by you and give you hope
but when they are gone with the wind
thy becometh a ghastly sin’


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