6 August 2010.


In confusion i watch everything go by

Hmm..6 August 2010….now there was nothing special about that day just that..i felt horrible. But me feeling horrible is certainly nothing new. Now don’t get me wrong, its not that  im always sad and depressed…im happy too….but thats would be like once in a blue moon.

And even if i am sad i just put up that fake smile..but who doesn’t…Sometimes i wonder..whether i chose to be like this…Do i get chances to be happy and i dont avail them…of course i avail them….but sadly..*note: it could be a favourite word* those chances dont avail me..:(

Do i choose to be lonely…do i choose to be unloved…these questions i ask myself..the only trouble is…i cant answer them..

So back to 6 August 2010..it was usual plain sad. Yet i don’t know why….why am i surrounded bt too much questions which i cant answer?

Sighh im confused and i dont even know what to write…if i did id probably have a better title. I see people, faces, glee, sadness, laughter, emotion..tyranny everything..yet i don;t know what to make of them…

Do i shove away those who love me…? Do i? Sometimes i wish i could have wings and i could just flyaway from all that bothers me but who doesn’t!

Love..i dont know this emotion..i have never come across it..or maybe i have and i just shoved it aside..

Maybe they are all right when they say im wrong

6 August 2010..ill forget it someday when im old and feeble and can no longer remember anything, but today on 7 August 2010..ill never forget yesterday..

Sigh i dont really know what im talking about….its just that im just sitting here while the whole world is passing by me…..and im just sitting there….watching them go by..watching them reveal feelings, watching them choose, watching them decide, watching them succeeding. Watching them…..6 August 2010..that date held its bitter moments only, only bitter memoirs will be left..of another day passing by and another moment of me …watching.


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