17..and still counting-1


17 an age most people would be happy to be . But me..as i turned 17…i felt that i am getting older.With each passing moment, my present becomes my past…with time..another heartbeat lessened..then how can people expect me to be happy..

Did anyone wonder where does all that time go? I am 17 ..last year 16..next year with a little hope ill be 18…and ill count..all the years and all my breaths..

For each year as i learn to grow up..i learn to struggle..i learn to live..i learn to hate some more and i most definitely learn to love some more. And i hate it when people say life is all about change…NO! change is what we make of it.. I’d rather go back in time and be a one year old, than grow up and change who i used to be just for the sake of time…time does nothing for our sake now does it??

Sigh..im 17 and still counting…it just seemed like  yesterday when i used to spill milk and had to cry my lungs out so i could be given food.

Now im just 17 and beginning to learn about life…and nostalgia…but im sure..there are people who are in their  three score years and ten and are probably more optimistic than i am…but yet in the silence of night..they would also be whispering to themselves..when no one comes to talk to them or give them a hug…they would whisper..three score years and ten..and still counting

Now im just anothr 17 year old..looking out the window and all the years of my life..having a clear vision in my mind..im just smiling and saying.”17 and still counting”

17 and still counting


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